Merge fields can be used in Email Templates and Text Templates to automatically input your lead’s info into the message (such as your lead's name, the address they're inquiring about, or your name and phone number).

For example, if you want your drip emails to address your lead's by their first name at the start of the email (such as "Hi Paul!"), then you can use the "Contact first name" Merge Field.

To add a Merge Field to an Email Template or Text Template:

1. Click the Merge Fields drop-down menu (at the top-right of the message body)
2. Select the Merge Field you would like to add (for example, select the "Contact first name" Merge Field in order to input the contact's first name).
3. You'll see the Merge Field code inputted into the body of the message.
4. When the email sends, the Merge Field will automatically input the contact's information (e.g. contact name, assigned agent’s name, inquiry address, etc).
5. The video below walks through how Merge Fields work in greater detail:

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