The advanced lead flow screen is a great place to route your leads within Follow Up Boss based on particular criteria. Here are some examples of what you can do with advanced lead flow rules:

  • Send leads over $500,000 to Agent Bob
  • Send leads in zip code 28105 to Agent Jill
  • Send leads for a listing with MLS number 3201391 to Agent Sally
  • Send leads with no phone number to Broker Jack and run a particular action plan.
  • Send leads with specific tag "Downer's Grove" to Team A.
  • ...just to name a few.


The above screenshot shows an example of an advanced lead flow rule for buyer leads coming from 

In this example, if the lead has a tag for zip code 9800198002 or 98003 AND is looking at a property over $250k, this lead will be assigned to Anthony. 

If the lead does not match this criteria, the next rule will be checked, finally falling back to the Default Rule, where the lead will be assigned to Tom.

You can add several rules and have several conditions within each rule. This makes for powerful and flexible combinations for assignment and action plans. 

Note that the rules will be processed from top to bottom and each rule can either check ALL conditions or ANY conditions to match the rule.

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