Integrating Your Own Website

If you have a custom website, other than one of our supported IDX website providers, there are several options for integrating with Follow Up Boss. These options are summarized here:

  • Zapier
  • API Integration
  • Lead metadata format
  • Custom email parser
  • Follow Up Boss email parser


Follow Up Boss integrates with Zapier so you can "zap" new lead information over from another source. 
Best for: Connecting another site's tools, such as Wufoo FormsUnbounce, or Gravity Forms.

API Integration:

Developers can build a custom integration with our API.
Best for: Developers.

Email Parsing:

Include metadata in email notifications

Developers can use the format to pass lead information into Follow Up Boss. Emails that follow this format can be parsed by Follow Up Boss.
Best for: Developers.

Custom Email Parser

Using Zapier Parser, you can build a custom email parser. After making the parser, you can use a "zap" to send the lead's information into Follow Up Boss (see above).
Best for: Email notifications that follow a predictable format that isn't recognized by Follow Up Boss automatically.

Follow Up Boss Email Parser

Your Follow Up Boss account includes a lead email address, found under Admin - API in your account. When an email that matches one of the formats below is received at that address, we can parse it and create the lead in your account automatically.
Best for: Email notifications that you can format. For example, a Jotform or other contact form on a Word Press site.

To use the Follow Up Boss email parser:

  1. Choose the best fit format from the list below. 
  2. Format the notification email to match the format you choose. Remember to leave unneeded fields blank; do NOT delete the field from the template.
  3. Have the notification email sent to your Follow Up Boss lead email address found in Admin - API of your account.

Helpful information when using the Follow Up Boss email parser:

  • The notification email must contain all the fields in the format you choose. Simply leave fields you don't need blank; DO NOT delete them from the notification email or the parser won't recognize the format and process your lead.
  • The only required field is Email Address.
  • You may choose any Subject for the email. The Subject will be displayed in Follow Up Boss, but won't be used by the parser.

Follow Up Boss Email Parser Formats:

Full format:

Name: John Smith
Phone: 206-555-5555
Price: $135,000
Source: My Awesome Website
Notes: Some notes goes here 

Shorter format:


Advanced format:

The advanced format includes the most details, including property inquiry information and tags. For your convenience, a blank version of the advanced format is found on the last two pages of the linked document.
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