Save time by using our proven smart lists. Simply copy the one(s) you want into your account and get to work!

How to Copy a Best Practice Smart List into Your Account

  1. From the People screen, click Manage ListsScreen_Shot_2019-08-29_at_4.08.53_PM.png

  2. Click the Best Practice Lists buttonScreen_Shot_2019-08-29_at_4.09.42_PM.png

  3. Use the Copy button to copy the list(s) you want into your own account. Screen_Shot_2019-08-29_at_4.10.26_PM.png

The list(s) will be added to your People tab. You can go back to Manage Lists to reorder your lists (pro-tip: put your most important lists first!), share the lists with your team, or delete a list you no longer want. Screen_Shot_2019-08-29_at_4.12.31_PM.png


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