Agent & Lender Account Setup - 7 Simple Steps

Welcome to Follow Up Boss! Now that you have accepted the invite to join your team, let's get you setup for success!

1. Connect Your Email

Connecting your email is an important step. It allows you to seamlessly track communication with leads in a central location.

It also helps our system guide you in following up better, for instance alerting your of all leads who opened your emails or haven't heard from you in awhile.

2. Download Mobile App

The mobile is going to be your on-the-go resource for quickly following up your leads. It's essential that you download the Follow Up Boss app right away.

3. Choose Settings and NotificationsScreencast_2019-02-19_at_3.06.08_PM.gif

Your Settings page can be accessed by clicking your initials at the the top-right of the screen. Be sure to enter your mobile phone number and edit your signature, then click "Save at the bottom fo the page:

Our system has multiple ways of alerting you so leads never slip through the cracks! We recommend enabling all notification types so you never miss a new lead alert or text reply from your contacts:

4. Import Contacts

It's important to have your past and current clients in one central database. If it hasn't been done for you already, be sure to import all of your clients into Follow Up Boss.

5. Learn the Best Methods for Following Up Your Leads

Maximize conversations and conversions by following up your leads properly. Below are some resources to get you started:

6. Stay on Top of Tasks & Appointments

Never miss a follow up! Familiarize yourself with our task and calendar screens so you know how to track all of your to-dos in one central place:

7. Explore Texting

Stay in front of your clients by easily texting them 1:1 in Follow Up Boss!

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