Facebook Lead Ad Direct Integration

Facebook Lead Ad (Direct Integration)

With our direct integration to Facebook Lead Ad, you can connect your Facebook leads directly to Follow Up Boss with just a few simple clicks.


Set up the Integration

  1. Log into your Follow Up Boss
  2. Navigate to Admin > Integrations
  3. Select Facebook


4. Choose Connect and sign in to your Facebook account and choose the Facebook pages that you wish to connect.



5. Once connected, the Facebook Pages that your Lead Ads are connected to will show as below.



Facebook Business Account Lead Access

If you have a Facebook Business account setup you will also have to grant Follow Up Boss lead access to your pages.

  1. Log into your Facebook Business Account
  2. Navigate to Integrations -> Lead Access
  3. Select Facebook Page(s)
  4. Select CRMs 
  5. Choose Assign CRMs
  6. Select Folow Up Boss
  7. Check Assign Follow Up Boss



How the Integration Works

Once your Facebook account is connected, new leads from your Facebook page(s) will be brought into Follow Up Boss. By default, The account used to connect to the Facebook page to Follow Up Boss will be the default assigned agent. This can be changed under Admin > Lead Flow by a Follow Up Boss Admin.


Facebook Lead Ad Form Capture

When processing a new Lead from Facebook we will look to capture the following information depending on the details captured on the Facebook Form: 

  1. Lead Details: 
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Address (Street, City, State, Postal Code, Country)
    • Custom Questions In the FormScreen_Recording_2020-11-06_at_7.58.15_AM__1_.gif
    • Language Supported (English, Spanish, & French)
  2. Source: will be denoted as Facebook
  3. Tags: We will add tags used to capture the Lead:
    1. Facebook Page
    2. Facebook Form Name
  4. Facebook Lead Ad Registration in TimeLine: We will also record an entry in the Lead's time
    1. Facebook Page
    2. Custom Questions
    3. Ad Name
    4. Ad Set
    5. Ad Campaign
    6. Facebook Form Name
    7. Platform: Facebook or Instagram 


Routing leads by Lead Ad

Leads will automatically be tagged with the name of the Facebook page and the lead form they responded to. An Admin can use this tag to route the leads under Admin > Lead Flow.


More on advanced lead routing can be found here.


Facebook Lead Ad with custom fields

If your Facebook Lead Ad uses custom fields and you want this information to come into Follow Up Boss, you can use Zapier to integrate to allow you to map those custom fields as desired. Steps to use that integration are here: Facebook Lead Ads (Zapier Integration)


Trouble Shooting Guide

Need help with your Facebook integration connection? See our troubleshooting guide here






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