1. In your Follow Up Boss account, click Admin > More > API. Copy your lead email address (ends in @followupboss.me).

2. Log in to Listings To Leads by clicking "Login" in the top right corner of their homepage: https://www.listingstoleads.com/

3. Once logged in, click Profile.

4. On the Profile page, scroll down to the Contact Details section and input your @followupboss.me email address in the "Alternate Email" field (see screenshot below).

5. In the "Send Leads To" column, select the checkbox next to the Alternate Email field where your @followupboss.me is entered:


6. Scroll to the bottom of your Profile page and click "Update & Save."

Once complete, send a test lead through L2L with a new unique name and email address to check if it's properly flowing into FUB. Contact us at support@followupboss.com with any questions.

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