Push Notifications (Mobile)

Push notifications alert you immediately on your phone when you receive new leads and when you receive text replies from your Follow Up Boss text messages.

To test whether your push notifications are turned on, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Follow Up Boss (via followupboss.com)
  2. Click on your initials in the top right-hand corner and click My Devices in the drop-down menu
  3. Click 'Send test notification' next to the appropriate phone:



How to turn on push notifications


If you recently installed or reinstalled the app and are using it for the first time:

  1. Open the Follow Up Boss app and login. 
  2. After logging in, you will see a prompt pop-up that prompts you to turn on notifications. file-Q3OKuZFrDV.png
  3. Tap "Turn on notifications" in this prompt.
  4. On the next pop-up, tap "Allow" file-itVzfQILZV.png
  5. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom right to confirm your notifications are turned on. file-bWoFXT58VU.png


If you have the app installed already and your push notifications are currently turned off:

  1. Open the Follow Up Boss app.
  2. Tap the Settings icon in the lower-right corner of the app to go to your Settings page:file-h9ZWalfj75.png
  3. Tap "Turn on push notifications" 
  4. Tap "Settings" file-a6n07rXtcy.png
  5. On your Settings page, tap Notifications. file-Q9Q0DmkRtF.png
  6. Turn on "Allow Notifications" and the other options on this page. Note: It's important to select "Show as Banners" and "Persistent" in the Alerts section of this page.file-JRDRxw7aYT.png
  7. Your FUB app's Settings page should now display that your push notifications are enabled. file-lZNDyfh2xy.png


  1. Click Settings
  2. Select Apps & Notifications
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Select Notifications againfile-gZbPU5pxUO.png
  5. Select Follow Up Boss
  6. Toggle Notifications to Onfile-lQrJBH9qdY.png
  7. Toggle on Allow Notification Dot
  8. Click "On the lock screen" and select Show all notification content
  9. Toggle Override Do Not Disturb to On (optional)
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