Daily Hot Sheet Notifications

We’ve revamped our daily email to the new Follow Up Boss Hot Sheet, which shows you new and upcoming activity at a glance!

Every morning this will hit your inbox with information such as:


Tasks marked as Appointments in Follow Up Boss will show up on your Hot Sheet. If you’re a Gmail or Google Apps user, you’ll also see these items on your Google Calendar. 

New Leads 

Your most recent 5 leads, including contact information, plus an easy link to view all new leads. This list only includes leads which came in less than 7 days ago. If a lead was assigned to you recently, but that lead came into Follow Up Boss more than a week ago, it will not show up in your Hot Sheet email.

Recent Activity 

Take a look at who recently made an inquiry, opened, or clicked an email, etc. This includes IDX activity like property searches and inquiries, website registrations, saved/viewed property, etc. It also includes email marketing activity, which are opens and clicks on emails sent by Follow Up Boss Action Plans, Mailchimp, Happy Grasshopper, etc.


You’ll never forget that follow up call or to send that thank you note again. You’ll easily see what needs to be completed. Note that we only show a total of 5 tasks in the email.

Take a glance at this sample Hot Sheet in all its glory:


If you prefer not to receive Hot Sheet daily emails you can toggle to disable them from My Settings.

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