Stop Receiving Hot Sheet Email Notifications

If you prefer not to receive Hot Sheet emails, you can setup a filter in Gmail to auto-archive them so they never show up in your Inbox. Here is how to do in Gmail:

1. Copy and paste the line below into Gmail search box and click Search icon: 
subject:"Follow Up Boss Hot Sheet"

2. Click on the small dropdown arrow on the right side of the search bar:

file-haHGQGtZ51.png3. Click "Create filter with this search" link:

file-OCpxe5U5nK.png4. Tick "Skip the Inbox" and "Also apply filter to matching conversations" checkboxes and click "Create filter" button:

file-46MhaIh372.pngThat's all. Now Hot Sheet emails will be automatically archived by Gmail and you won't see them in your Inbox anymore.

If you use Outlook or Office365 you can setup similar filtering using Auto Rules.

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