Lead Pond (Customer Early Access Release)


Do you have leads assigned to agents who are just too busy to prospect them properly? Every single lead that isn’t actively nurtured is a wasted opportunity to close a potential deal. We built Lead Ponds to help you group those leads into opportunities for your team to actively grab and work.

Here is a quick overview video of our early access Lead Pond feature to get you started.

Viewing Ponds

You will find a list of your existing ponds in your Admin section. You can edit or delete each pond in the Actions column. You can also create a new pond by clicking the Add Pond button to the upper right of the list of the ponds

Add Ponds

If you click Add Pond you’ll see a pop up that will allow you to name the pond and choose the Agents who can view the pond:

Edit Ponds

If you choose to edit by clicking the pencil icon, you’ll see a pop up that will let you add or remove Agents. 

Moving Leads to Ponds

You can assign Leads to a pond on the People screen.  Click Agent and you will see the Ponds section at the top of the dropdown. Just select the pond you want to assign them to and they’re now in a pond!

Show Leads In Ponds

You can filter your Leads from the people view screen by clicking in the Everyone section and choosing the Pond or View All Ponds selection.

Display Pond Name In Table View

You can quickly view the ponds that your Leads are assigned to by clicking the Columns button, then clicking Assigned in the left column on the dropdown, and then make sure that the Pond checkbox is checked.

Claiming a Lead from a Pond

To take a lead out of a Pond, just click Agent on the People screen and select the Agent who wants the Lead.


In this early access version we want to hear from you to ensure that this Lead Pond feature is a first-class experience for you. Share your feedback 


Can I mass action people into a Pond? 

No, but this is at the top of our list to add in the next release of the Lead Pond!

Can I delete a Pond? 

No, but this is something we are working on in the next release.

What happens if I move my lead into a Pond that had an active action plan?

The action plan will continue to run using the information of the Agent who placed the Lead in the pond.

Can I assign somebody to a Pond from lead flow?

Not at this time, but this is something we are looking to add.

Who gets notified when there is an activity in the Pond by a lead?

  • Phone Call/Text & Emails will route to whom they are they are connecting directly.
  • For an activity such as a new property inquiry, we will notify the agent who put the lead in the Pond originally. We are actively researching how best to incorporate First To Claim or Round Robin with the Pond.

Can I see a report or set quota limits for Ponds to help coach my team?

No, but this is something we are researching.

Can I add an automation trigger to automatically place a lead in a Pond after ‘X’ amount of time?

Not yet, but this is something our automation team is researching.

How do permissions work with Ponds?

  • Agents - Can assign leads only to the ponds they have permissions to...
  • Agent as Contributor - They can only assign leads to the ponds they have access to for that lead.
  • Admin - Access to all ponds and edit control of the pond.
  • ISA / Account -  Access to all ponds
  • Team leader of a Team - Access to team ponds they have access to but they can't see other teams lead ponds.

FAQ (3rd party applications)

What will they see as the assigned agent for Leads in the Pond?

When a Lead is assigned to a pond, we maintain the agent who moved it so, for integrations that retrieve information about a lead’s assigned agent they will see previously assigned agent. This is also the agent who will receive notifications about the lead if any new inquiries or other events come in. 

How can they retrieve the list of Leads in a Pond?

Our partners will need to review how best to incorporate Ponds into their systems but it's fairly simple. When they query the /people API endpoint records in a Pond will be excluded by default. In order for them to retrieve results, they will have to add the parameter 'includePonds=1' to the query string. This does not impact requesting a specific lead /people/:id will work as usual it is just requesting a list. 

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