Are you ready to unify and inspire your team, showing off all their hard work on that big TV in your office? Well, that day has come, as we are excited to announce Follow Up Boss’s new Realtime Leaderboard!

Now you and your team can measure and track performance and unleash that competitive spirit. Leaderboard is available to anyone who has the Calling feature.


Accessing Leaderboard & Setup Options

Leaderboard is located under Reporting > Leaderboard:


Choosing Your Team:

 Platform customers can select to view "Everyone" or dial into a particular Team using the dropdown:


The Leaderboard will display "Everyone" for those not on the Platform plan: 


Selecting a Timeframe:

Choose a preset time frame using the dropdown menu:


Or, select a custom range by clicking Custom Dates:



The leaderboard point system is weighted as follow:

  • Appointments: 10 pts
  • Conversations: 5 pts
  • Dials Attempted: 1 pt
  • Texts Sent: 1 pt
  • Emails Sent: 1 pt


What counts as a conversation?
We count conversations as any phone call lasting over 2 minutes.

How do I show this on my TV in the office?

Display on any TV that has built-in casting, Apple TV, Roku, etc. You can set up Leaderboard to display in full-screen mode by clicking the button at the upper-right of the screen:





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