Are you taking advantage of Follow Up Boss Calling? The team and I would like to invite you to try out our newly updated Android app released today. In this update, the Follow Up Boss team has made a huge core change in how the Android app makes and receives calls. This update not only ensures the best call quality available but also makes it dead simple for your team to track and log all their calls while they are out on the road!

You can even have all your calls recorded if you have, call recording enabled.

Getting started:


Setting Up for Mobile Calling

1. Mobile Profile Setting: 

Review Your Web Settings for mobile calling and make sure your mobile number is set up to receive calls.


Check Settings

2. Android Device:

With the v2.9 update, By default, this setting will be enabled for you and will use your dialer number to make calls from your device.


Making an Outbound Call

1. From the mobile app, select the person you wish to dial. Next, tap the green call button to initiate the call: 


2. Answering this call you will hear: "Dialing [CONTACT NAME], press any key to connect." then press any key on the keypad to start the calling process.

3. Once the call has ended it will automatically be logged for you.

Receiving an Incoming Call

1. Incoming calls will be routed to your phone and Caller ID will display your Follow Up Boss number.

2. Upon answer, you will hear, "You have an incoming call from {lead name}. Press 9 to send to voicemail or Press 1 key to accept."

3. Click the 1 key to answer the call. (If no key is selected, the caller will be sent to FUB Voicemail.)


Missed calls or voicemails:


Log Call:


Text Quick Reply

Users can now reply to text messages directly from notifications. Additionally, the lead's photo will also appear on the right side of the notification (as well as "new lead" notifications), when possible.


View Image Attachments

Images now they display as clickable links within texts that open the image in the browser.


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