The Follow Up Boss team has made a huge core change to how the iOS app makes and receives calls.

This update not only ensures the best call quality available but also makes it dead simple for your team to track and log all their calls while they are out on the road! 

Preparing for Installation

1. Review Your Web Settings

a. Ensure your direct mobile number is entered into the Phone section:


b. Scroll down and select the option, Ring your number and Follow Up Boss at the same time:


c. Save changes

2. Review Your Mobile Settings

a. Enable Caller ID

b. Enable Mobile Calling

Making an Outbound Call

1. From the mobile app, select the person you wish to dial. Next, tap the green call button to initiate the call: 


2. The app will call you first to connect the call:


3. Accept the call, and click any key to connect.

4. Your phone will now call the person you selected to dial. 

Receiving an Incoming Call

1. Incoming calls will be routed to your phone and Caller ID will display your Follow Up Boss number.

2. Upon answer, you will hear, "You have an incoming call from {lead name}. Press 9 to send to voicemail or Press 1 key to accept."

3. Click the 1 key to answer the call. (If no key is selected, the caller will be sent to FUB Voicemail.)


4. Click the notification banner to log the call:


Note: If the initial incoming call is declined or not answered, the calling party will hear it ring for the standard timeout (~30s) then VM will pick up. 

Additional Options

Record calls for purposes such as tracking and training by enabling Call Recording.

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