Capture & Track High-Value Leads Using Team Inbox

  • Centrally track inbound calls. (E.g. Sign calls, ad inquiries, etc.)
  • Seamlessly connect priority leads with someone on your team.
  • Handle all calling in one, central system.
  • Ensure no calls slip through the cracks!

How to Setup a Team Inbox

The Team Inbox lets your team collaborate on incoming communications to your company number.

Any users who have access to the company inbox will be able to view and receive incoming calls and text messages.

Selecting Team Inbox Members: 

1. Click the gear icon under the Inbox tab, then click the edit icon:


2. Choose which team members will have access by checking the box next to their name:


Incoming Call Routing:

By default, we will ring the Calling numbers associated with each user's Follow Up Boss account:


We can also ring up to five mobile numbers:


If you prefer not to ring team members directly, you can choose to have calls go to voicemail or be forwarded to an outside number.

Missed Calls:

If no one answers, choose to have callers go to voicemail, or forward them to another number:


Office Hours:

By default, your Team Inbox will route 24 hours a day. Add office hours to forward calls to voicemail or a separate number outside of these times.

1. Office hours are set under Admin > Company:


2. You can also designate special hours for weekends if you prefer:


3. Once your office hours are set, you'll see the option to create rules inside of your Team Inbox.

Saving Your Settings:

After everything is set up as you like, be sure to click "Save" at the upper right to lock in all changes:


Routing Rules

  • Calls & Texts From Existing Contacts: Automatically routed to the assigned agent.
  • Calls & Texts From Unknown Numbers: Follow the rules set up in your Team Inbox.

Viewing Calls and Text Messages

Click the Team Inbox to view incoming text messages and missed calls to your team number:


What Is My Team Inbox Number?

Every Follow Up Boss account comes with a unique phone number that you can use to receive incoming phone calls and text messages, and is also used for outgoing text messages.

To view or edit your team number:

1. Go to Admin > Company:


2. Scroll to the "Virtual Phone" section:


3. Click the edit icon to change your number (optional):


Who Has Access to This Feature?

The Team Inbox is accessible to any Follow Up Boss account that has:

  • Texting Capability
  • More Than One User

Leveling Up

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