What is my company number?

Every Follow Up Boss account comes with a unique phone number that you can use to receive incoming phone calls and text messages, and is also used for outgoing text messages. To see your account's company number, goto Admin->Company (only admins can view this page), and look at the Virtual Phone section.



You can change your company's number by clicking the icon next to the phone number. Manage Settings will bring you to the settings page for your company inbox (more on that below).

Incoming calls and texts to the company number from known contacts will automatically be smart routed to the assigned agent. Calls and texts from unknown numbers will follow the rules setup by your company inbox.

What is the company inbox?



The company inbox lets your whole team collaborate on incoming communications to your company number. Whoever has access to the company inbox will be able to view calls and texts from unknown numbers. You can set who has access to view the company inbox, and specify the rules for how calls are routed using the settings page.

By default, incoming calls from unknown numbers will be routed to your account owner. The company inbox works just like a shared inbox, but only for calls and texts from unknown numbers. Please see our help article on shared inboxes for more information on how to setup access and rules for handling incoming calls.


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