People View - Using the People Screen

The People screen is the central place to see every contact you have access to in Follow Up Boss.

It’s a great place to kickstart your daily workflow, as you’ll have access to:

  • Your Most Recent Leads
  • Smart Lists (Which help determine follow up priority.)
  • Call Lists
  • Batch Emailing
  • Filtering To See Lead Assignment (Admins)

You can also update your leads in mass and export from this screen.

Quick Video Tour

Smart Lists

The headings you see across the top of the People screen are called Smart Lists. These lists help you to organize and prioritize your database.


We have best practices Smart Lists created for all users, plus you can create custom lists. Learn more here: 

Overview of Filters and Smart Lists

Call Lists

Rapidly call through leads and do focused follow up:


How to Use Call Lists

Batch Emailing

Send email blasts to targeted contacts by initiating a batch email:


How to Batch Email in Follow Up Boss

Mass Actions

Easily update all contacts at once using Mass Actions at the upper-left of the people screen:


How to Use Mass Actions

Exporting Contacts

Export all leads to a .csv file using the export button: 


Exporting is only available to the account owner, and those who have been granted express permission by the account owner.

Detailed Export Instructions

Contacts by Assignee

Tailor your view to see leads assigned to a specific person using the dropdown at the upper-right:


Leveling Up

You'll find the People screen is at the center of Follow Up Boss best practices. 

Here are some suggestions for really leveling up your usage of the People screen to close more deals:

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