Do you have a Google or Office 365 email connected to Follow Up Boss with inbox lead processing turned on? If so, you can route or forward your "new lead" email alerts to that Google or Office 365 email, and the new leads will be created in Follow Up Boss automatically.

Alternative setup:

1. In your Follow Up Boss account, go to the Admin>API page here: 

2. On that page, copy your Follow Up Boss lead routing email address.

3. Login to your account.

4. Once logged in, click the "Menu" icon, then click Profile, then Contact Information:


5. On the Contact Information page, click Personal Contact Info.

6. On the Personal Contact Info page, paste your Follow Up Boss lead routing email address in the Alternate Email field:



7. Click Save.

Test it Out

You can test it by going to your website and submitting a fake inquiry. That fake inquiry should flow into Follow Up Boss as a new lead.


The fields parsed from are Name, Email and Phone Number. A copy of the original lead email will also be sent to you and stored in Follow Up Boss.

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