Quickly follow up and convert leads generated from your Homes.com account.

Popular Ways to Use the Integration

Automatically Distribute Leads to Top Agents Using Lead Flow


Instantly alert the agents of your choice with automated lead routing. We'll distribute leads however you like with our many lead distribution options including:

  • Round Robin lead routing
  • First to Claim "Shark Tank" style routing
  • Distribution by price or location
  • Any combination of the above

More Information on Lead Flow


Get Leads on the Phone Faster with Integrated Calling


Be the first to get leads on the phone with Team Inbox.

Place your FUB company number on your Homes.com profile and we will ring the agents of your choice when lead inquires. 


Rapidly call multiple leads with automated Call Lists.

Send Instant Texts and Emails Using Action Plans


Whether you're meeting with a client, on-the-go, or in a closing, you'll never miss a beat because Follow Up Boss will instantly engage your leads the second they come in giving you leverage over competing agents.

Learn More About Action Plans

Know Who to Follow Up With and When


Never let a lead slip through the cracks! Automated Smart Lists in Follow Up Boss keep you informed of:

  • The hottest leads to call.
  • Who hasn't heard from you in awhile.
  • Exactly who to reach out to now.

Ace your follow up! Learn about Smart Lists here. 

How Homes.com Connects to Follow Up Boss

Available integration types:


 (Best full integration) 

Email Parsing

 (Gathers data found in emails only) 


 (Third party) 



Follow Up Boss uses email parsing to track when a new lead is submitted to your Homes.com account.

The fields parsed from Homes.com are Name, Email and Phone Number. A copy of the original lead email will also be sent to you and stored in Follow Up Boss.


Office 365, GSuite, and Gmail users: 

Leads will flow into Follow Up Boss automatically. Ensure you have enabled Inbox Lead Processing.

Alternative Setup:

Connect with this method if your Homes.com leads aren't currently sent to the Office 365 or Google-based email you have connected with Follow Up Boss:

1. In your Follow Up Boss account, go to the Admin>API page here: https://app.followupboss.com/2/api 

2. On that page, copy your Follow Up Boss lead routing email address.

3. Login to your Homes.com account.

4. Once logged in, click the "Menu" icon, then click Profile, then Contact Information:


5. On the Contact Information page, click Personal Contact Info.

6. On the Personal Contact Info page, paste your Follow Up Boss lead routing email address in the Alternate Email field:


7. Click Save.

Test it Out

You can test it by going to your website and submitting a fake inquiry. That fake inquiry should flow into Follow Up Boss as a new lead.

About Homes.com

Homes.com boasts quality leads with faster conversions. Visitors of their website are actively searching for a place to live and most are not yet working with a real estate professional.

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