This article details using Custom Fields in Follow Up Boss Classic, the legacy version of FUB. Click here for information on using Custom Fields in the latest version of the system.



Use custom fields to record information unique to your business or utilize several preset fields.

Define Custom Fields

To define custom fields go to Company Settings screen, Custom Fields tab. Please note, only account owner has access to create, rename or delete custom fields. In contrast, any user who has access to a contact can edit custom field values for that contact.

A custom field can be of one of the following types:

Date: Use to store date values such as birthdays, anniversaries, close date, etc. When creating a date field, tick "Occurs every year" checkbox if this date happens every year, for example birthday or anniversary, then you can create a smart list to match that date every year.

Please note, you cannot edit this checkbox after the field is created, so set it at the time you create a field.

Another note: If you change the name of the recurring field, it removes recurring checkbox.

Dropdown: Use for fields that can only take one of pre-defined values (dropdown options), for example a lead category. Account owner can edit a custom field by clicking on the edit link on the right and add more options, delete or rename existing options. Please note if you delete a dropdown field option, it will be also deleted from all existing contacts that had this option selected.

Number: Use for fields that have numeric values such as FICO score, dollar amount of commission, etc. Only whole numbers are supported, decimals (e.g. cents) are not supported. The maximum number supported is 2,000,000,000.

Text: Use to store any other information, maximum length is 255 characters or less.

Please note, if you delete a custom field, that field will also be deleted from all existing contacts where this field was used.

Edit Custom Field Values On a Contact

Once you defined a custom field you want to use, you can start recording this information on your contacts. Edit a contact as usual and you'll be able to add custom fields you defined (or preset fields).

Using in Smart Lists

You can define smart list conditions based on custom fields. For example, to create a list of people who have a birthday coming up in the next 3 days use this condition:

Please note, for this example to work Birthday field needs to be created as Date with "Occurs every year" checkbox set.

Export and Import

All your custom fields will be included when you do an export, you don't need to do anything extra to make it happen.

To import information into custom fields, map import file columns to custom fields just like you would do with regular fields:

You can quickly create new custom fields directly from Import screen:


Please note custom fields cannot be searched or used on mobile at the moment.

Customers who have some data in the old custom fields (prior to 19th of May 2015), we automatically migrated your data to the new custom fields as text. If you need to convert some fields into date, number or dropdown fields, please reach out to

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