This video contains tips and tricks for Follow Up Classic, the legacy version of Follow Up Boss. Click here for updated information.


Tasks remind you to follow up with your contacts, Tasks are shown both in Follow Up Boss and in a daily overview email.

There are two ways to create a task in the desktop version.

Quick Follow Up Tasks

Click the "Follow Up" drop down and select when you would like to follow up, a task will be automatically created and assigned to yourself.


Manually add a task inside a contact

You can manually add a task in the right side of a contact record. This will allow you to specify the name of the task, task type, assigned user and exact date.

1. Click "Add a Task".


2. Enter your task name, due date, assigned user and type then click "Save Task".


Tasks Screen

In the left sidebar click the "Tasks" menu item.


On the tasks screen you can choose the Dropdown to filter your tasks or if you are a Broker user view another users tasks.


Tasks on iPhone

On the iPhone app you can view your tasks due today, upcoming tasks and overdue tasks.

Google Calendar

If you are using the Google Calendar integration, tasks with a time will sync to your calendar.

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