Happy Grasshopper (FUB Classic)

These are instructions for integrating Happy Grasshopper with the older version of Follow Up Boss, for updated instructions, click here.


The integration allows you to sync your contacts to Happy Grasshopper including source, contacted status and tags (these will all show up in Happy Grasshopper as tags).

You can also view HG email sends, opens and clicks in Follow Up Boss.

1. Get your Follow Up Boss API key from the "My Settings" screen in Follow Up Boss


2. Login to Happy Grasshopper


3. Click "Settings"


4. Click "Integrations"


5. Enter your Follow Up Boss API Key and press save


Your Follow Up Boss contacts will now sync to Happy Grasshopper. Along with the lead source, stage and contact tags. Note in HG all 3 of these are just called Tags.

6. Email your HG login details to support@followupboss.com

We will enable send, click and open tracking inside your Follow Up Boss account for emails sent through Happy Grasshopper.

For help setting up your Happy Grasshopper emails contact HG on 727-232-9117 or support@happygrasshopper.com

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