This integration is available with FUB Classic (2011 - 2016). 


The Standard Market Snapshot offers graphs that summarize the market conditions in a selected neighborhood over the last three months, for a specific property type (for example, a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom single family home in zip code 12345).

A link to the Market Snapshot is sent in an email to you and the consumer. You can access it from the email sent to you, through the Top Marketer Control Panel, or through Top Producer 8i. You can choose to see the information from the last 3 months, the last 30 days or the last 7 days.

The Standard Market Snapshot report is divided into these main areas:

Snapshot Map - On the right is a map that is generated from the address or partial address that you entered when creating the Market Snapshot.

Snapshot Graphs - Statistical graphs display various market trends.

Snapshot Scheduling - In the bottom left, information about the next scheduled Market Snapshot appears.

Linking Your Market Snapshot with Follow Up Boss

1. Email your Market Snapshot log in details to to get it connected to your Follow Up Boss account.

2. Once it is connected, you'll see that when you go to a contact card, on the lower right hand corner, just below the Social Profile, you now have a button to request for a Market Snapshot.


3. To request for a Market Snapshot, just press the button, and you will get a new pop up window, fill in the fields required and send in the request.


Once Market Snapshot is connected to your Follow Up Boss account, you'll be able to see when your contacts look at information about a property from Market Snapshot.



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