A lead pond is perfect for teams who have a selection of leads that any agent can claim and work on.

When an agent has free time, or is looking to pick up a few more leads, they can simply go into the "Pond" and take what they like.

Creating a Lead Pond

Manually Assign Leads to the Pond

  • Create a Custom Stage Called Pond (This is done from the account owner login.)
  • Use Mass Actions to Put Leads in the Stage of Pond

Automatically Assign Leads to Pond

  • Add a step to your Action Plan that updates a lead 's stage to "Pond" once they reach a certain point.
  • Instantly add all of the collaborators who work with Pond leads.
  • Perfect for re-engaging leads that haven't responded to your automated messaging. 

Create a Smart List


  • Create a Smart List by Filtering for Stage (Stage Include Pond)
  • Tick the Box to "Share List with Team"

Add Collaborators


  • Use Mass Action to Add Every Team Member as a Collaborator

How to Claim a Lead from the Pond

  • Go to Pond Smartlist
  • Open the Lead Profile of the Lead You Choose
  • Assign to Yourself
  • Update Stage
  • Remove Collaborators (Optional)
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