If you are having issues with the email sync here are a few things to remember and steps to try to resolve it.

Please note that the sync works with emails going forward once your email address is connected to Follow Up Boss. It will sync with the contacts email address that is in Follow Up Boss. We do not currently sync past emails.

Emails Not Showing Up

1. If you're using Gmail, go to Settings -> Labels and make sure "Show in IMAP" checkbox is ticked for "All Mail" label. If it's not already ticked, tick it and then reconnect your email in Follow Up Boss on the My Settings > Email screen.

2. Please check your email address is connected to Follow Up Boss on the My Settings > Email screen.

3. Check the email address in the contacts record matches exactly with the email address you are emailing, note some lead providers like Trulia provider an additional masked email address like john-smith343@leads.trulia.com, if you email john.smith@gmail.com this will not sync until the Gmail address is also in Follow Up Boss.

4. If you have changed your email account password or any of your email settings you will need to go to the My Settings screen in Follow Up Boss, disconnect your email, then reconnect it using the new settings.

5. If it seems like your emails are still not syncing please forward an example to support@followupboss.com and let us know you have tried the above steps.

Emails From My Desktop Email Program Do Not Show Up (Mac Mail, Outlook, etc)

If emails are not showing up from your desktop client, you will need to make sure your desktop software has the correct SMTP details input.

e.g. you have john@example.com connected to Follow Up Boss and syncing emails.

Your desktop program must use the SMTP details of john@example.com so that emails are sent through the john@example.com email account.

One way to check if they are being sent through the email account correctly is to log in to the online email account e.g. john@example.com and check if emails sent from your desktop software are in the sent folder. If they are everything is set up correctly and will sync to Follow Up Boss.

If they are not, then you will need to set up the SMTP settings on the desktop software, contact your email provider for the correct settings.

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