This article contains instructions for creating a Smart List in the older version of Follow Up Boss, click here for updated instructions.


You can create a list of contacts in Follow Up Boss based on any criteria you like.

This list will be placed on the left hand side for easy one click access.

1. Select "New Smart List"


2. Enter a name for the list

Optionally choose to share the list with everyone else in the account and choose an icon.


3. Enter your desired criteria then click the + button on the right hand side to add extra criteria.

In this case we are adding everyone in the stage of "Hot Prospect" who has less than one call logged in the system.


4. Optional - click "Add another rule" to add a separate group to the list

This second groups rules are completely independent from the first groups. Both will be included in the list.


5. Optional - set how you would like the list to be sorted by default


6. Click "Save List"


Recommended Usage

We recommend using Smart Lists instead of task-based action plans. Take a look at this helpful video that will help you streamline followup:


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