This article covers action plans in the older version of Follow Up Boss, FUB Classic. For the latest instructions, please click here.


Use Action Plans to set up a sequence of follow up steps that can be quickly applied to leads. This includes sending series of drip emails, creating follow up tasks automatically and more actions to come.

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Setting up Action Plans

To setup action plans, first create email templates that you want to send out (Email Templates menu in the top right corner). You can also use templates we provide in your account.

When you apply action plan to a contact, any emails configured as first step with 0 in "days" box will be immediately sent to the contact from the agent assigned to that contact.

Pausing and resuming action plans

You can pause a running action plan by clicking on the green "Running" button that will toggle into "Paused" state. When action plan is paused no steps will be executed for the contact.

You can resume a paused action plan by clicking on the red "Paused" button that will change its state to "Running". When you resume an action plan, the next step will be run X days after the moment action plan is resumed, where X
is the number of days configured in the "days" box on action plan. For example, if you pause an action plan before 5th step is executed and this step is configured to run 2 days after the previous step and then resume the plan 2 weeks later, 5th step will be executed 2 days after resume.

Editing running action plans

If you edit an action plan that is being run on some contacts, the changes will apply to existing contacts too. Steps added after the current step the contact is on will be executed for existing contacts while steps inserted before the current step won't be executed because the contact is already on the next step.

When applying action plan changes to a contact that was paused and then resumed, the new schedule of steps is calculated starting from the first time action plan was applied to the contact, regardless of how long the action plan was paused for that contact.

If you're using Yahoo or AOL email address

If you're using Yahoo Mail or AOL address with Follow Up Boss, e.g.,, or drip emails configured via action plans will bounce and won't reach your leads. This happens because Yahoo and AOL do not allow external mail servers to send emails on their users' behalf. To fix this issue, change your email address in Follow Up Boss to a different address such as or address with your own domain like Please note that it's the agent's email address that matters, not lead's email address. Leads with Yahoo and AOL addresses will receive your drip emails successfully as long as your email address is not Yahoo or AOL.

If agent hasn't accepted FUB invite

Action plan emails won't be sent out if assigned agent has not accepted an invitation to join Follow Up Boss yet. If you noticed that action plan emails are not sent for specific lead, check Users screen to make sure that assigned agent accepted FUB invite.

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