Google Calendar Integration (FUB Classic)

If your Follow Up Boss account is connected to a Google Apps or Gmail account, tasks with a date and time in Follow Up Boss will show up in your Google Calendar.

Tasks without a time e.g. action plan tasks will not show up in Google Calendar.

The event will include all the contact information of the person and details of the task, in addition the event will include a link to the person in Follow Up Boss.


f you're not seeing the calendar events on your calendar right away, check to make sure the 'Follow Up Boss' calendar is active on your account by going to your Google Calendar and checking the left sidebar to make sure there's a colour showing next to it:



If it's white, just click it once and the events should start showing on your calendar. Also, double check to make sure that you're currently logged in to the same Google account you connected to your Follow Up Boss account.

Note currently Follow Up Boss just sends an event to Google calendar when it is created, if you later update the time you will need to do so in Google Calendar (we'll be improving this sync in future)


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