MailChimp Campaigns (FUB Classic)

Please note this article covers integrating MailChimp with FUB Classic (2011 - 2016). If you want the updated instructions for the latest version of Follow Up Boss, FUB2, please click here.


Overview of MailChimp Integration (FUB Classic)

The MailChimp and Follow Up Boss integration allows you to send targeted mass emails to segments of your database.

Mailchimp is free for up to 2000 subscribers.

Uses for MailChimp:

  • Sending a party invitation to all your past clients
  • Sending a new listing to leads looking in a specific zip code
  • Sending a newsletter to your database

The fields which sync with Mailchimp are:

  • Name
  • Tags
  • Stages
  • Contacted status
  • Lead Source
  • Assigned agent
  • Agent email
  • Agent phone
  • Price
  • Date added to Follow Up Boss

The sync pushes changes in Follow Up Boss to MailChimp instantly. For example if a lead stage
changes in Follow Up Boss it will be instantly updated in MailChimp.

When a new lead is synced to MailChimp they are not required to double opt in.

You can also view which emails people are opening and clicking inside Follow Up Boss.

Linking MailChimp to Follow Up Boss

Note for your first time sync:

Once you link your Follow Up Boss and MailChimp accounts, it will pull in all the previous contacts from Follow Up Boss. Going forward all new contacts and updated contacts will be instantly synced to MailChimp. Note that the contact sync is one-way, meaning that new contacts created in Follow Up Boss will sync with MailChimp, but new contacts created in MailChimp will not flow into Follow Up Boss.

Also note in MailChimp they have a counter which will initially show "0 subscribers" this counter updates about every 10 minutes, even though the contacts will sync instantly and you will be able to view them in MailChimp by clicking "View All".

How to Grab Your API Key

Setting Up a Special List for Usage in Follow Up Boss

Sending to Special Lists in MailChimp

Creating “List Segments” in MailChimp allows you to do things like sent to only a certain agent’s leads, send a blast to contacts that only contain a certain tag, and more!

How to Send a MailChimp Campaign

Here’s a walkthrough on how to quickly and easily send a quick news blast.

Special Notes

For advanced users: After you created a new list, do not add list fields (merge tags) manually. Follow Up Boss will create all necessary fields for you. If you really want to add some fancy custom fields to the list, you can do it after you connected Follow Up Boss to MailChimp. Do not tick Required checkbox, otherwise Follow Up Boss will not be able to add contacts to the list:




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