Using the Contacted Status (FUB Classic)

The contacted status in Follow Up Boss is used to indicate when you have made contact with a lead. It's a key indicator of how effective your follow up is.

The "Contacted" status is used by action plans/email marketing, so that you send the right emails out to the right people and stop some automatic emails when someone replies.


When to Mark "Contacted"

For example it should be clicked and marked "Contacted" when you call and speak to the lead.


When Not to Mark "Contacted"

It should not be used to indicate "Attempted contact".

It should not be marked "Contacted" if you call and leave a voicemail, as you have not made contact with the lead.

Automatically Marked "Contacted"

Email: When a lead sends you an email they will be marked "Contacted" automatically as long as your email is synced with Follow Up Boss.

Text message: If a lead sends you a text message in response to our instant text feature or they call back the number and speak with an agent they will be marked "Contacted".

Call outcomes: If you log a call in Follow Up Boss with the outcome "Interested" or "Not Interested" we will mark the person "Contacted".

Contact Rate Reporting

Your Contact Rate is also shown on the dashboard and in agent and lead source reporting.

A 100% Contact Rate is a sign that the status is being used incorrectly.


Please note "Contacted" is a retired status not used in FUB2. In FUB2 we use a field called Last Communication to more accurately track communication. 

On the top-left of a lead profile, Follow Up Boss will automatically list the last logged call, email, or text message and show you the exact date and time it happened.

If you have action plans set to pause when contact occurs, the system will automatically pause these plans when a lead sends you an email, responds to the instant text message, or a call with the contact is logged.

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