Unactioned vs. Actioned (FUB Classic)

The Unactioned area of your Dashboard is where you can track the leads that haven't being actioned yet in your account by the assigned agent.

When a lead arrives, it will show in red here until an action is taken.


Finding Unactioned Leads:

Click the numbers in the report to see Unactioned leads based off the timeframe in the upper-right:


Or, use this Smart List to see all Unactioned leads:


How to "Action" a Lead:

  • write a note
  • send an email
  • log a call
  • add a task
  • check off a task from an Action Plan

Note: It must be the assigned agent who actions the lead, if someone else leaves a note for example it will still show up as unactioned.

Speed to Action:

Speed to Action is calculated once a user performs one of the actions above on a new lead.



In FUB2 we have improved tracking, including a field entitled "Last Communication." This tracks the exact time of calls, emails, and text messages. There are also in-depth Reporting options.

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