Routing Leads by Town, Zip Code, or Price (FUB Classic)

This article provides instructions for the legacy version of Follow Up Boss, FUB Classic. For updated instructions, please click here.

Still using FUB Classic? Here’s a great overview on how to switch to FUB2!


Automatically routing leads based on town, zip code, or price is easy with Lead Flow!

Price Routing

Zip Code or Town Routing


A few things to take note of when setting lead flow rules:

  • Rules are set individually for each lead source.
  • You want to make sure that any leads that don't meet the rules of your lead flow are routed to another agent or group in your Follow Up Boss account (this option is at the bottom of each screen).
  • It's not necessary to set lead flow for every lead source.

You can also automatically trigger action plans based on Lead Flow. Here's how to do that.

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