This article provides instructions for the legacy version of Follow Up Boss, FUB Classic. For updated instructions, please click here.

Still using FUB Classic? Here’s a great overview on how to switch to FUB2!


Adding a Tag

Tags can be used to quickly add extra information to a client record. Just type the new tag into the input field and press "Enter" or click "Add tag" with your mouse.


Please note that there is a limit of 64 characters per tag.

Removing a Tag

To remove an unwanted tag simply mouse over the "x" icon and click with your mouse.


Viewing All Contacts with a Tag

Tags allow you to see which contacts share similar attributes. For example in this case we may want to see all the clients that have being inquiring about "123 Main Street". So we click the Tag "123 Main Street".


This will bring up a list of all contacts that have the "123 Main Street" Tag. You can also filter by tags in this way by clicking the tags on the left hand side of the main contacts and companies screen.

Creating your list of Tags

Creating a list of tags you are going to use in your business is a good idea. It allows you to quickly filter like in the example above.

Some suggestions are:

  • Seller Property Inquiries Addresses
  • Sphere
  • VIP - for your super clients
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