Instant Follow Up Phone Calls (FUB Classic)

This feature is only available in FUB Classic (2011-2016).


Follow Up Boss allows you to instantly receive a connecting phone call when a new lead enters the system.

The number you will receive calls from is 415-728-0390, name this number "New Lead" in your phone.

How to Verify Phone Number:

1.To enable Instant Phone Calls access your settings screen in the top right hand corner of Follow Up Boss:


2. Click the "Phone tab:


3. Enter your phone number and follow the instructions on screen instructions to verify your phone number and choose the hours and days you wish to receive phone calls.


Once enabled any leads that come into our system and have a phone number including area code will be forwarded instantly to your phone. When you receive the call you will be given the name of the lead and be asked to "Press 1" to speed dial the lead.

After you press 1, our system will automatically dial the lead for you. The lead will receive a call coming from your telephone number. So if they miss it or try to call you back later they will go directly to your phone.

You specify the hours you wish to receive calls. For example if you schedule appointments in the afternoon, you may wish to only receive calls between 8:30am - 1pm.


Post Call

We will put a note in the system that you called the lead and how long you spoke for. You should also add your own notes about their needs and add a follow up task.

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