Importing Contacts (FUB Classic)

This article provides instructions for the legacy version of Follow Up Boss, FUB Classic. For updated instructions, please click here.

Still using FUB Classic? Here’s a great overview on how to switch to FUB2!


This article will show you how to upload a CSV file from your previous CRM, a list of your past clients or an export from one of your lead providers.

Skip Importing a Column

If you do not wish to import a column of data click the "Skip" option.

Duplicate contact detection: 

  • if email address matches, we will combine the contact info
  • if phone number AND name matches, we will combine the contact info

What is a .CSV file?

A CSV file is a common data format for imports and exports. If your file is in another format like Excel .xls, open the file in Excel and select "Save As" and choose the .CSV format.


When entering a date field, please note that the year needs to be showing 4 digits instead of just 2. So for example, the dates in your import file need to be 9/30/2011 and not 9/30/11.

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