Getting Started for Brokers & Admins (FUB Classic)

This article provides instructions for the legacy version of Follow Up Boss, FUB Classic. For updated instructions, please click here.

Still using FUB Classic? Here’s a great overview on how to switch to FUB2!


1. Connecting your email.

On the getting started screen click "Connect My Email".


If you need the IMAP/SMTP settings for your email provider, search the provider name
+ IMAP in Google. Extra info on connecting email.

2. Sending leads into Follow Up Boss.


List of supported providers

Google Account

Ensure leads are being sent to the email address you connected in step 1.

Any leads sent to that email address will be automatically entered into FUB and assigned to you (you can adjust this in step 7 below).

You must be the account owner and the lead source must be supported by FUB for this to work.

Non Google Account / Non Account Owner

If you are not the account owner or using a non Google account you must have your lead notifications sent to your unique email address.

Change the email address on file with your lead providers to your email address.

Note: you need to use your own unique email address not

3. Invite agents and lenders


In the top right menu hover over your name, a dropdown menu will appear, select Users, then select "Add User". Enter name, email and access level. The invited user will receive an email invitation.

You can select Broker, Agent or Lender access.

Brokers - can see all contacts
Agents/Lenders - can only see contacts assigned to them, they cannot delete leads

On the Users screen you can see who has accepted invites and resend invites if necessary.

4. Importing your past clients & old CRM

Email an export of your old CRM or an excel file of your past clients to and we will import it for you.

If you would like to import your own contacts see this video.

5. Setup text alerts or instant call.

In the top right of the app hover over your name, a dropdown will appear, choose My Settings.

Choose the phone tab, enter your phone number and click "Verify Number".

Then choose your alert options, see this guide for more details.

6. Setup your email signature

On the same My Settings screen, click email and setup your email signature. Note html is not supported but you can add links and images. Include a link to your best IDX website.

On this screen you can also tick "Share Emails" once your email is connected. 


7. Set up your leads to go to the right agents

In the top right menu, hover over your name and select "Lead Flow".

The first time you view access FUB this screen will be blank, it will auto populate once
you have received some leads in FUB.

This screen allows you to set which agents will receive leads from each source, simply choose
the agent from the dropdown menu.

You may also setup Groups of agents and advanced price and zipcode routing. 


8. Turn on action plans for new leads

On the same lead flow screen you can also set a default action plan to be applied to each source.

We've included a default Buyer and Seller action plan for you, choose the one you want for each source. You can also review the action plans under the "Action Plans" menu item and emails under "Email Templates".


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