Connecting Your Email Address (FUB Classic)

This article provides instructions for the legacy version of Follow Up Boss, FUB Classic. For updated instructions, please click here.

Still using FUB Classic? Here’s a great overview on how to switch to FUB2!


Connecting your email to Follow Up Boss gives you these benefits:

  • Sync Sent and Received Emails
  • When lead replies to a drip email, the action plan is stopped automatically
  • Process lead notifications from supported Lead Providers (Gmail / Google Apps only)
  • Better deliverability
  • Email sent direct from your email provider
  • Removes the small "sent via" message
  • Email will appear in your regular "Sent Mail" folder (Gmail / Google Apps only)
  • Google Calendar Integration

To connect your email to Follow Up Boss please follow these steps:

1. Go to "My Settings" screen in top right menu, then click on Email tab:


2. Click the blue Google button if you're using a Gmail or Google Apps email address, otherwise click "Connect Other Email" button.


3. For Gmail / Google Apps address, you will be redirected to a Google page to authorize Follow Up Boss to connect to your account.

If you're signed into multiple Google accounts you will be able to select an account to use:


Next click Accept button to give Follow Up Boss permission to connect to your account:


4. For non-Google email address, you will need to enter your email settings.

In most cases you'll only need to enter your email address and password and we'll detect all other details automatically.


In some cases you'll need to enter some technical settings about your email account. Those are called IMAP and SMTP settings. Usually, you can quickly find them by googling the name of your email provider together with words "IMAP" and "SMTP". For example, if you're using email from a company called Hostgator, search in Google for "Hostgator IMAP SMTP".


5. Once your email is connected, Email screen will look like this:


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