Will I lose data when I move my contacts over to Follow Up Boss?

When importing contacts, you can choose what you want (or don't want) to keep.

The way our system works is likely different than the system you are coming from. There might be data that doesn't map directly to a specific data field in Follow Up Boss. If you cannot find an appropriate field to map to within Follow Up Boss, we recommend storing that data in one of the following fields:
  • Notes: If you map data here, it will be left as a note on the contact. We recommend placing more general data in this field.
  • Tags: Useful for data that groups and identifies many contacts across your system.
  • Background: If you have data that describes the contact, we recommend putting that here.

* If you are trying to import custom stages, these will default to the lead stage. The best way to deal with this is to save those custom stages as tags and then you can mass update the stage once in FUB.

* Only the first 300 columns will be imported.

Setting Defaults

After choosing which columns from your CSV file to map to Follow Up Boss we'll check to see if you set an assigned agent and stage column. If not, then we'll prompt you to select a default value. We'll only use these values for any new contacts that will be created from the import. You can also use this screen to add any tags to contacts in the import. These tags will be added to the contacts no matter if they are new or already


How do I find contacts from a past import?

Head to Admin->Imports and click on 'View past imports'.


You will be presented with a list of all your past imports. Click on the numbers in each column to view those contacts.


Note: If you imported a file and you can't see all the contacts when clicking the number on this page, they might have been assigned to the wrong user. Contact an admin at your company or support@followupboss.com to have them reassigned to you.


What is a CSV File?

A CSV (comma separated value) file is a common data format for imports and exports. If your file is in another format like Excel .xls you'll want to convert it before uploading it to Follow Up Boss.

Who will the contacts be assigned to?

If you have an assigned agent column, with the full name of the agent (matching what is in our system), then it will be assigned to that specific agent. Otherwise you can choose to set an agent on the second step of the import (see setting default above). Don't worry if it doesn't get assigned correctly, you can always reassign contacts after the import!

What CRM systems can I import contacts from?

As long as your contacts are in a CSV format, we can import them. We do however, specialize in importing contacts from the following:

  • Top Producer
  • Market Leader
  • Tiger Leads
  • Kunversion
  • Realtor.com
  • Trulia / Zillow
  • Commissions Inc
  • Contactually
  • Money Tree

Why should I have all my contacts in Follow Up Boss?

While not all contacts might be active right now, that doesn't mean you should just forget about them. Discover and engage your past leads using our smart lists.

Can I send all of the contacts I've imported a mass email

You can send out mass emails with our  Batch Email feature. 

We also integrate with  MailChimpHappy Grasshopper and Sendgrid.

What if I have duplicate contacts or a contact already exists in Follow Up Boss?

We will merge contacts based on a couple of criteria:

  • if email address matches, we will combine the contact info
  • if phone number AND name matches, we will combine the contact info

How do I cancel an import?

  • Click Admin > Import > View Past Imports
  • Click the trash can/delete icon on the respective row of the import that you wish to remove

Need help importing contacts?

No need to fear, if you need any help, email a .csv file of your past clients or leads to support@followupboss.com and we will import them for you!

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