Call Action is a system that help you track and respond to all of your inbound phone calls. 

What does this mean to you?

Any and all activity on CallAction sync's automatically into your Follow Up Boss CRM. If you have a team, then we can push calls and leads to into the individual team members Follow Up Boss account.

Every inbound lead call, text, email via CallAction, automatically synced into FUB.

  • Every inbound lead call, text, email via CallAction, automatically synced into FUB.
  • Every outbound text or call logged.
  • Call recording transcriptions are synced.
  • Full lead intelligence from CallAction inputted into your FUB notes.
  • Tags from your CallAction campaign: CallAction tracking number, campaign name, origin (call, text, email), CallAction user name... all passed as FUB tags, allowing for email automation to be assigned to fire off "lead flow" & "action plans"
  • Text Tool leads synced with history of request (what "key" sent in & outbound "response")
  • Notes saved in CallAction, synced over.
  • Lead Router / Call Broadcast synced w/ notes on team member lead assignment
  • Inbound call length & duration times saved
  • Holiday text campaign outbound text & inbound responses logged
  • ... all future updates will also be pushed into FUB.

Ready to implement? It will take you about 2 mins to implement if you follow these steps.

Get your Follow Up Boss API key

  1. Login to your Follow Up Boss
  2. Click "admin"
  3. Click "more"
  4. Click "API"
  5. Copy your FollowUp Boss API key.

Next, setup in CallAction

  1. Login to
  2. Click on your "Profile" on top right
  3. Click on Integrations
  4. Click on Follow Up Boss
  5. Enter your API key
  6. If you are the only user, turn on "Collect All"
  7. Click Save
  8. Go to each of your Phone Numbers
  9. Click Manage 
  10. Click Call Settings
  11. Scroll down to Follow Up Boss and turn "ON" (note you can do this individually for each number)

If you have a Team account:

Each team member must Login to their own individual CallAction accounts and follow the steps above to integrate individual FollowUp Boss CRM.

That's it! You have now integrated your FollowUp Boss CRM with

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