Filters and Smart Lists

Advantages of smart lists for follow up vs task action plans

  • Dynamically generated e.g. last contacted more than 3 days ago, so someone you emailed with yesterday won't appear in todays follow up smart list. 
  • Not overwhelming like a backlog of tasks and quick to work through 
  • Share lists with team 
  • More filtering options 
  • Schedule time in your calendar to go through specific lists 

Task action plans are good for when you have a specific set of actions that need to happen e.g. a closing sequence 

Setting up a smart list

1. On the People screen you can hover over column headers and select the filter icon to filter.

2. Choose the criteria e.g. was created less than 16 days ago (Optional: select the columns you'd like to see for this smart list)

3. If you wish to save this search you can click "Save List"


4. Give your list a name and click the Save List button.

If you have admin access you can optionally share the list with your team.


5. The list is saved at the top of the People screen for easy 1 click access in future.



  • You can click the "Columns" button to show and filter by additional columns. 
  • Smart lists will save the columns you have shown.
  • A list can be as simple as stage equals Past Clients. 
  • You can also sort by some column headers by clicking on them. e.g. last name, last email. 
  • You can copy, edit or delete a list by selecting the list and going to "Save List". 


Suggested smart lists:

  1. New - Created less than 7 days ago 
  2. High value - Price greater than $300,000 (or the average price in your area) 
  3. Past clients - Stage equals Past Client + Last Email more than 60 days ago 
  4. Call all leads - Calls is less than 3 
  5. Keep clients up to date - Stage equals Seller + Last Email more than 5 days ago

You can also access best practice smart lists in the system.

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