Below is the hardware and software we recommend you take a look at for use along side Follow Up Boss.

Google Chrome
The best web browser works especially well with Follow Up Boss and our calling feature.

gSuite / Google Email + Google Calendar
The best way to host your business email and calendar, Google has the best spam control and email search in the business and they integrate with the most software apps.

2 factor authentication for Google
Protect your email account even if someone gets your password. If you turn this on, make sure to reconnect your email to Follow Up Boss.

One Tab Google Chrome plugin
Keep your tabs under control. or
These services provide a unique password for each website you use and also auto fill and remember all your passwords.
Automatically unsubscribe or roll up all the email marketing you receive.

iPhone 7 
Great phone for use with Follow Up Boss.

Google Pixel
Good value if you prefer Android.

Apple Macbook
Lighter than the previous Macbook Air, this is a great laptop for realtors on the go.

Skype recommended headset list
You want USB powered and wired for ideal use with our calling feature.

We are currently testing the Jabra Evolve 80, which is a more expensive option.

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