The Inbox shows you all emails and texts with your contacts that are inside Follow Up Boss. This means it excludes marketing emails, spam, bills, etc., and just lets you focus on the people you need to respond to.

Replying to emails
To reply to an email, choose Reply or Reply All. You have the option to Send & Archive to move the message from Inbox to Archived, or just Send which will keep the email in your Inbox.

Replying to texts
To reply to a text, just type in your message and press "Send".

Clicking the Archive button will remove the email or text from your Inbox. You can still access it under the contact record. You should Archive emails and texts when you are finished with them and aim for Inbox Zero.

Google Sync
Inbox syncs with Google so anything already archived in Google will be archived in your Follow Up Boss Inbox and anything you Archive in Follow Up Boss will be archived in Google.

If you see a lot of emails in your inbox from yourself or one person (e.g. one of your emails or an assistant), you need to remove that contact / email address from Follow Up Boss. This will let you focus on just the emails and texts you do need to respond to.

Contact Name
By clicking on the contact's name you can quickly view their record.


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