The Inbox shows you all email, text, and phone conversations with your Follow Up Boss contacts. This means it excludes marketing emails, spam, bills, etc., and just lets you focus on the people you need to respond to.

Your daily goal should be Inbox Zero, meaning all communications are replied to or archived. This way you're ready to go with a clean slate the next day!


My Inbox

This is your personal inbox that tracks communication between you and the contacts you have in Follow Up Boss. This includes text message replies and any inbound communication to your connected email or Calling number. We'll also display any assigned conversations here.

Team Inbox

This is a collaborative inbox that multiple users can all view and reply from. All admins have access to team inboxes, and any non-admin can be added as a member to view communication.

This inbox also supports texts, calls, and emails from unknown contacts and incoming new leads.

Team Inbox Setup

Using Inbox on Desktop

Contact Name

By clicking on the contact's name you can quickly view their record:


Person Summary

The right pane of the Inbox shows contact information, previous conversations, and website activity:


If they are a new contact, you can add contact details using this pane:


Replying to Emails

To reply to an email, choose Reply or Reply All. You have the option to Send & Archive to move the message from Inbox to Archived, or just Send which will keep the email in your Inbox.


Replying to Texts

To reply to a text, just type in your message and press "Send".


Notes & Mentions

Quickly add notes using the yellow area at the bottom of each conversation:


Loop in other teammates using Mentions: (Team Inbox Ony)


Closing Conversations & Archiving

Clicking the Close button will remove the conversation the Inbox. You can still access it under the contact record. You should Close conversations when you are finished with them and aim for Inbox Zero:


When replying to an email you can hit, "Send and Archive" to remove the conversation from the Inbox:


Google Sync
Inbox syncs with Google so anything already archived in Google will be archived in your Follow Up Boss Inbox and anything you Archive in Follow Up Boss will be archived in Google.

Conversation Assignment

Delegate follow up to your team members using the dropdown at the top right:



Troubleshooting the Inbox

If you see a lot of emails in your inbox from yourself or one person (e.g. one of your emails or an assistant), you need to remove that contact / email address from Follow Up Boss. This will let you focus on just the emails and texts you do need to respond to. 

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