When you enable the dotloop integration, you gain the ability to:

  • Create a loop when you create a deal
  • Easily go to your loops in dotloop from a deal card on the People and Deals screen.

We are still looking at adding features, so please let us know what you would like to see!

Connecting dotloop

To get started you will need to be an Account Owner or Admin level role. To connect to dotloop, you can go to Admin > Integrations > dotloop. 

Once you are on the integration page, go to the "Connect" tab and simply press the "Connect to dotloop" button.


Sign in to your dotloop account


Authorize FUB access


That is it; you're now connected!

Using the integration

To automatically create a loop from a new deal, check the "Add to dotloop" checkbox as shown in the below picture. You can also choose a loop template to use if your dotloop account has any templates.

Note: At this time only the default profile will be used to create loops. Additionally, after creating the loop, no data will be synchronized between dotloop and Follow Up Boss.


When viewing the deal, you will now see a "View in dotloop" link, which will open a new window to the loop in dotloop.



There are some limitations of the dotloop integration that may cause problems when trying to connect your dotloop account to Follow Up Boss

Do you have a default profile selected?

The dotloop integration will fail to connect if you do not have a default profile selected in dotloop. To change this, log in to your dotloop account and go to Account Settings. Click on the profile you want to make the default on the left hand menu, select "Make Default" and click "Save" at the bottom of the page. Make sure you choose an individual profile, and not a company profile (see below).


Are you trying to use a Company Profile?

dotloop only supports individual profiles at this time. If you have your default profile set to anything other than an individual profile, you will run into issues with the integration. One way to tell that you are using a Company Profile is if the name begins with 'Admin for...'. To fix this you will have to choose another profile as your default that Follow Up Boss will use to create loops.



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