Useful for coaching purposes, our call recording feature is available to any account with Calling enabled.

How to Enable

1. Account Owners will navigate to Admin > Company Settings

2. Click the circle next to "Enabled"

3. Save

Note: Make sure to check which laws apply to you with your lawyer before enabling this feature as some states do not allow call recordings. Call Recording is disabled by default.


Call Recording on Mobile

  • Recording will take place for calls to your FUB number picked up via the mobile app or forwarded to your cell phone.
  • Calls initiated outside of the Follow Up Boss mobile app will not be recorded.
  • Mobile calling is currently in beta for iPhone, with an Android release coming soon.

Shared Inboxes

  • Calls will be recorded for both users with a FUB Calling number, or any additional cell phone numbers that are part of your inbox. (More about Shared Inboxes

Call Transfers

  • Calls will be recorded if initiated or received via your FUB number.
  • Calls transferred to a shared inbox will be recorded, no matter how the call is picked up.
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