To access the billing screen click Admin > Billing (account owners only).


Update Credit Card

Click "Update Card" then enter your credit card number, expiry date and CVC number. Your card is securely stored with our payment processor.


Changing Plan

To change your plan select the new plan you would like then press the "Change Plan" button. You will then get a confirmation of any extra charges and be able to change your plan. The Plan section also lists your next billing date. 

You can get a 20% discount by paying annually, click this option in the top right to switch to annual payments.


Enabling Calling

Calling is charged on a per user basis, to enable click the dropdown next to the user you wish to enable calling for, they will get their own unique phone number to call and text from which will be listed next to their name. Once you've selected enabled for all the users you wish to have this feature click the "Save Calling" button at the bottom right which will bring up a confirmation of the changes. 

You can see the total of the calling feature charges in the bottom left of the screen and the next billing date. 


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