Creating Automations

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Create Automations

While everyone on your team can view Automations, only account owners and admins can create new Automations. To create an Automation goto Admin -> Automations (or click here). Click on “+ Add automation” in the top right.


From the Create Automation screen, you will choose a name. If you do not choose a name, we will choose one for you:

Next, select a trigger event:



Triggers are what will prompt your automation to begin. Triggers include:

  • Stage changes to
  • Tag is added
  • New Inquiry arrives
  • Property is saved
  • Property is viewed
  • Calendar Date (Including Deal Close Date and Custom Date Fields)

Boss Tip: Install the Follow Up Boss Pixel today to start tracking website activities to be used in your automations! 

You can add additional triggers by pressing "+".


If any of the triggers happen the automation will run. 


Conditions are additional criteria that a contact needs to meet along with the trigger in order for the action plan to begin. They add an AND element to your trigger.


In this example, the action will only run if the stage is changed to nurture AND the email is good. 

Conditions closely mirror the filters you use under Smart Lists. Conditions are completely optional and you can specify more than one condition per automation. All of the conditions must be met in order for the automation to run.

Action Plan

Specify which action plan you would like to start when the trigger occurs and the conditions are met. You can use any of your action plans here. 

*Note: If your action plan includes an initial text message, it will not be sent if triggered by an Automation.