Barry Jenkins' Automations

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 2nd, 2020


You've seen his Masterclass on using Smart Lists. See what Professor Barry is up to now with Automations:

Hot Leads to Lender

"Killer automation to add your lender to leads the second something good happens"


Stage to Contact

"Automation to remove leads from your focus that have negative activity like bad numbers"


Bad Number

"Great automation to trigger bad number drip"


Past Client Saved Home

"Discover when your past client is active again"


Pond to Call Action or Callingly

"Call your team when a lead in the pond does something important"


Warm/Cold to LCA + Ylopo Drip

"Nurture stage to an email drip designed for longer-term touches"



Old Ypriortity Leads Trigger ISA Support

"Old leads that trigger an alert on my website go to my ISA and call action drips with voicemails and video MMS texts"


Stage to Hot

"If my ISA, Conversion Monster, or Raiya convert a lead, they tag it and Stage to hot action plan fires that changes the stage of the lead and adds a task for my agent to follow up."