Fallback Actions For First To Claim Groups

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 28th, 2020


When a First to Claim (FTC) group is connected to a leadflow source say from Zillow and that group receives a new lead in Follow Up Boss all members of that group will receive a  push notification alert on their phones. The first member of the group who claims the lead (via the push notification) will be assigned that lead.

The purpose of a Fallback Action is If a lead is not claimed within the First To Claim FTC claim time limit specified you can specify a fallback action to trigger another First to Claim, Round Robin Group, Pond, or individual team member to ensure no leads fall through the cracks.

Creating a First to Claim (FTC) Group with Fallback Action 

You will find a list of your existing groups in your Admin section. You can edit or delete each group in the Actions column. You can also create a new group by clicking the Add Group button to the upper right of the list of the Groups




First to Claim Group Settings

  1. Group Name: sets the name for the Group
  2. Role Type (Agent|Lender): to set the team member types available you can choose either Agents or Lenders for this group. Lender groups can only be set to Round Robin groups.
  3. Team Members: You can search by name or scroll through the list to add members that will be part of this group.
  4. Timeout: You can Specify the amount of time you'd like to allow leads to go unclaimed, and once that timeout has expired the fallback selection will action. The maximum time for leads to remain unclaimed is 30 minutes. This is so action plans and autoresponder texts send quickly to new leads. 
  5. Fall Back Action: You can select another First To Claim Group, Round Robin Group, Pond, or individual team member as a fallback action that will trigger after time expires for claiming a lead within a FTC group. 

How Fallback Actions Work

We allow up to two fallbacks to be linked together when creating a fallback action strategy. For example, you may want to setup a Primary Agent FTC group and if a lead goes unclaimed it would fallback to an ISA FTC group who if by some chance is also unavailable after-hours would then fallback to an Unclaimed Pond if the lead was still unclaimed. 

Example Fallback Flows:

Primary Agent Group(FTC Group) -> ISA Group (FTC Group) -> Unclaimed (Pond)

Primary Agent Group(FTC Group) -> Unclaimed (Pond)


When a Fallback Action occurs you will see details in the person timeline to denote that a Fallback Action activity. In the example below you see that in this Lead's timeline a Fallback Action occurred followed by a release to Pond Fallback denoted with the clock icon.





Deleting a Fallback Group

When deleting a Group that is linked to other groups as a Fallback you will see a notification showing you what groups it is linked to and what Fallback action would you like to use to update them.




How do I add a group to my lead flow?

After you have created your First to Claim group with fallback, You can link it to your leadflow here to assign your lead sources to this group.