Pixel Setup: AgentFire

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020


Follow Up Boss Pixel makes it easy to see your lead’s web and marketing activities right within Follow Up Boss. Get exceptional insight into exactly what leads are looking for when they’re online, and the actions they’re taking on your website.

Below are instructions for installing the Pixel on your AgentFire website.


1. In Follow Up Boss, go to Admin > Integrations > Follow Up Boss Pixel:


2. After choosing your settings, click the "Copy code" button:


(Click to Get Code)

3. Login to the AgentFire admin account

4. Navigate to the dash line in the upper left-hand corner

5. Select AgentFire settings > click Header/Footer Scripts/Metas

6: Paste Pixel code into the top header box


6. Select Update

Additional Setup

AgentFire has the option to add lead Tags that will be pulled into Follow Up Boss via the Pixel. Adding Tags will identify leads based on the page they came from and can be used to distribute leads with advanced lead flow rules.  

1. Navigate to the edit page settings for the desired page

2. Click Form

3. Edit the form settings

4. Scroll down to Lead Tags and enter the desired tag


5. Save the page

6. Add the advanced rule for that tag in Follow Up Boss

Test It Out

Congrats, your Pixel is now installed. Let's test it out!

  • Access your direct website from an incognito window or separate browser.
  • Search for a home or two, then fill out a registration form.
  • Check for activity under Admin > Integrations > Follow Up Boss Pixel: https://app.followupboss.com/2/integrations/pixel

Checking your CTAs:

  • If you don't see your chosen CTAs you may need to refresh your cache.
  • Access your website from a mobile device to see the texting CTA