Pixel Form Capture

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 2nd, 2020

The Follow Up Boss Pixel allows you to turn on form tracking under Pixel > Tracking.

Once enabled this will detect people filling out forms on your website and insert them as new leads into Follow Up Boss.


Note even if this feature is disabled Follow Up Boss will track people filling out forms to identify them and track activity, they just will not be inserted automatically in Follow Up Boss.

Best Practices:

If your website already sends leads via the Follow Up Boss API e.g. Ylopo websites then you should leave this form capture option off.

Troubleshooting iframes:

Form capture relies on being able to access the form data when submitted, if the Pixel code exists outside an iframe and the form software you are using uses iframes then we will not be able to track the submission.

To solve this there are a few options:

1. Use Zapier or the API to send the data from your form software to Follow Up Boss

2. Use non iframe forms (requires replacing forms on site)

3. Insert the Pixel code inside the iframe with any other tracking scripts (not always possible depending on the form software)

Are my forms using an iframe?

You can identify an iframe by right clicking in Google Chrome on the form and choosing inspect, if you see code mentioning "iframe" then it is an iframe form.