Follow Up Boss Pixel

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Convert Leads at the Right Time Using the Follow Up Boss Pixel

About the Pixel

The Pixel makes it dead simple to see all your lead’s web and marketing activities right within Follow Up Boss. Are you interacting with the hottest leads who are looking to buy or sell right now? Do you know what marketing campaigns they are interacting with?

With our new Pixel you can get exceptional insight into exactly what leads are looking for when they’re online, and the actions they’re taking on your website.

This valuable data allows you to:

  • Prioritize your leads
  • Best understand their needs
  • Engage in meaningful conversation
  • And send relevant updates and communication

How It Works

Stop chasing leads, and start interacting with the hottest leads who are looking to buy or sell right now.

  • Get more leads on the phone with call and text Calls to Action (CTAs) that go straight to your Team Inbox.
  • Tracking links in emails provide valuable insight into a contact's behavior on your website.
  • See who is on your website now and reach out with relevant messaging. 
Pixel supports virtually any IDX website (even multiple websites!) and installs in minutes.
  • Get a real-time view of who's on your site, see all the pages your leads view and create awesome personalized emails/texts.
  • Drive more inbound leads with built-in Call To Action
  • Retarget your database with emails that link to any of your sites and identify leads who respond even if they don’t register on the site.
  • Automatically tag marketing sources so you can see which ones are working

Get Started With The Pixel

Go to Admin > Integrations Click on Follow Up Boss Pixel Settings


1. Install Pixel Tracking Code On Your Websites

2. Display Follow Up Boss Pixel Call to Action (CTA) Popup On your Website


How does the Follow Up Boss Pixel work?

The pixel is a small code snippet that can be dropped into your website in the header or footer of your pages. Once in place, Follow Up Boss can then start identifying your leads/contacts in FUB and show their website activity.

Do leads need to register first?

In order for us to track activity, the contact must first fill out a form on your website that captures their email address or click a link in an email sent from Follow Up Boss.

Once they perform either of these actions we can match them in Follow Up Boss and show you their activity.

Where does Website Activity show?

You'll see detailed activity in each lead profile, in addition to being able to see who's online now and filter by activity on the People Screen.

Overview of Website Activity